ECI makes urgent appeal on behalf of Iraqi Christians – Religious minorities face common enemy

refugees_in_northern_IraqBrussels, 15th August, 2014 – As Iraqi Christians face an ultimatum to convert, leave or die, ECI is making an urgent appeal to the leaders of the European Union and its citizens to help stop the mass killing of Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq.

‘The international community needs to make use of all means possible immediately to stop the advance of the notorious Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS (Islamic State) in order to prevent another genocide’, says ECI Director Tomas Sandell in a statement on Thursday. ‘A special responsibility lies with the US Government, which is the only world power that has the military capability to intervene. The European nations and other allies need fully to support such a humanitarian rescue operation with all necessary funds and logistical aid’, he said.

The alarming situation in Northern Iraq illustrates the threat that the international community is facing from radical Jihadist groups such as Isis. The mass killings and beheadings of children and women cannot go unchallenged.

The EU needs to respond to this attack on our most fundamental values of freedom and human dignity with a coherent policy, regardless of whether the enemy is found in Gaza or in northern Iraq. The escalating situation in northern Iraq well illustrates what type of an enemy Israel is facing on its very doorstep as well as in Gaza where ISIS, according to new intelligence reports, has already established a base.

The Israeli Government needs our unconditional support as it fights the same battle to protect its citizens. One should make no mistake in that ISIS and Hamas are two expressions of one and the same jihadist ideology to exterminate Israel and spread its influence.’

ECI urges its constituency to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in northern Iraq and to give generously to humanitarian aid organisations*, which are reaching out to the fleeing refugees.

We also encourage supporters to sign a petition to the EU

(Sign here: )requesting immediate action from the EU to intervene in Iraq and commit to ensuring the inalienable right to freedom of religion for all. In addition to this, everyone can contact their elected leaders in parliaments and governments in expressing support for a humanitarian intervention to stop the genocide.

We must remind our leaders that EU policies must reflect the same values and principles regardless of if the enemy is in northern Iraq, Gaza or in Europe.

Jews and Christians, as well as moderate Muslims, face the same enemies and the international community must now commit itself to defending our freedom and democracy from radical Islam.’


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