ECI congratulates Israel on 69th birthday – Israel can show Europe the way forward

Flag IsraelBrussels, May 2nd, 2017 – The European Coalition for Israel has sent the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a personal letter congratulating him and the State of Israel on the occasion of its 69th birthday. ECI met with the Prime Minister in Jerusalem in September of last year.

In the letter ECI mentions in particular that Israel and Europe share the same Judeo-Christian heritage which has given birth to democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Out of this unique heritage a truly remarkable Jewish state has emerged after thousands of years of dispersion of the Jewish people throughout the world.

In a day and age when many of the neighbouring countries in the Middle East are faced with unprecedented savagery and chaos, Israel remains an oasis of peace and prosperity. Today more and more countries are looking to Israel for solutions to contemporary problems with the help of new Israeli technology and innovations. This is not limited to developing countries only. When terror strikes in Europe, Israeli experts in security and intelligence are the first to reach out to help protect European civilians. And as Europe continues to struggle with slow economic growth and unemployment, more and more member states look to the start-up nation, Israel, for inspiration and guidance.

The remarkable journey of the Jewish people and their modern State of Israel serves as an example and an inspiration for many nations in the world, as it proves that size does not matter if the people have the determination to survive and succeed.

Israel at 69 is a success story that can inspire all of us to grow beyond our potential. ECI congratulates the people of Israel as they celebrate their 69th year of independence!

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